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The Stuttgart Region is one of the most economically powerful and innovative regions in Europe. Its exporting strength, its leading role in research and development and its international population makes it a European region par excellence.

The Stuttgart Region together with Verband Region Stuttgart and Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH is availing of the opportunities that Europe offers. It initiates and implements EU projects, organises events, helps to shape European policy and – via an office in Brussels and participation in European networks among other things – works together with partners all over Europe to constantly improve its competitiveness. As it happens, in 2012 the representative office in Brussels was celebrating its 10-year anniversary!

The EU work in the Stuttgart Region is carried out by many different stakeholders. People in the municipalities, in business, science and research are all working towards Europe in the Stuttgart Region – together, not on their own, in line with the motto of “combining forces”.

The Creative Industries division has been a partner in the “Pooling4Clusters” project (2009-2012). The aim of the project was to boost the innovativeness of SMEs in the seven partner regions by structuring the support services for clusters more efficiently. There was special emphasis on the interplay between regional development agencies and the cluster initiatives, the services of which are to be coordinated better and bundled more efficiently for companies.

WRS is a member of the Netzwerk Kreativwirtschaft Baden-Württemberg. This network receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and is an alliance of different creative disciplines and user industries, with 17 project partners as well as 30 network partners and 100 other corporate partners.

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