Clusters and Industries

Quelle: Prognos AG, 2009

According to the definition by the 2008 Conference of Germany’s Economics Ministers, the culture and creative industries comprise all cultural and creative enterprises that are mainly market-oriented and deal with the creation, production, distribution and/or dissemination through the media of cultural/creative goods and services. What all of these industries have in common is that they are centred around a creative act.

The culture and creative industries function on the one hand as an engine and a magnet for an economically prospering location and on the other hand as an intrinsically significant economic factor. The cultural offering in a region or municipality has long since been considered a decisive factor in attracting companies to that location. However, it is only in recent years that politicians and local and municipal authorities have begun to recognise the industries as areas for economic action. And, with the exception of state-run and state-funded institutions, the companies in the culture and creative industries exist and operate independently of state subventions.

On this page you can find information on the 11 core industries in the culture and creative industries in the Stuttgart Region as well as relevant institutions, organisations and networks.


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