Art Market

© Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Foto: Volker Naumann

The Stuttgart Region is Baden-Württemberg’s central location for the art market – almost every one in three persons working in the field lives and works here.

The large variety of different institutions also indicates how active and vital the art scene is in the region. From the Staatsgalerie (state gallery) and the Kunstmuseum (art museum) in the city centre to Kunstauktionshaus Nagel’s art auction, with privately run galleries, state-run museums and all kinds of art businesses, the Stuttgart Region provides a perfect infrastructure and environment for the art industry.

But what would an art market be without its artists? For example, Stuttgart is the seat of Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, an association with 3,000 members, almost half of whom are artists. Numerous creative artists are also represented in Germany’s oldest association of artists, Stuttgart’s Künstlerbund.

The region doesn’t need to have any worries about new young artists joining the ranks – numerous renowned training facilities such as Akademie Schloss Solitude and Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design are institutions that offer young artists a wide range of art disciplines to choose from.

On this page you will also find Networks and associations related to the art market.

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