Design and Photography

The Stuttgart Region is a design region that offers all forms of design, from industrial and product design to fashion and textile design, packaging design and communication and graphic design.

Almost 40 percent of all designers in Baden-Württemberg live and work in and around Stuttgart. This figure puts the region miles ahead of the rest. And it’s not just the figures that are impressive – the prizes that the companies in the region have won are also in a class of their own. IF Communication Design Award, Red Dot Award, Berliner Type and DMMA: these are just a small selection of the awards for excellent design from the region.

The Design Center Baden-Württemberg hosts Baden-Württemberg’s annual International Design Award. It is available to all design agencies as an event organiser and an association present throughout Baden-Württemberg. In addition, successful designers such as Hartmut Esslinger and Kurt Weidemann are inextricably linked to the Stuttgart Region.

In order to get a snapshot of the photographic industry in the Stuttgart Region, you need more than just a camera. The photographer Thomas Kettner has made a name for himself in the areas of fashion, advertising, people, journalism and experimental photography. It goes without saying that automotive photography also has a major role to play in the region. For example, Studio Eberhard Sauer in Herrenberg and the photographer Dietmar Henneka have specialised in this field. Every year, the Bund Freischaffender Fotodesigner e. V. (German Association of Freelance Photographers, BFF) with its headquarters in Stuttgart publishes the BFF yearbook, which documents the latest works by its members as well as the awards and prizes they have won.

On this page you will also find Networks and associations related to design and photography.

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