Press Market

Foto: Verband Region Stuttgart/Frank Eppler

In an area like the Stuttgart Region where so many press products are produced and sold, the industry would not be complete without a section for the press market.

From a regional perspective, the Stuttgart Region is Baden-Württemberg’s most important sales and employment market for the press market. Around 35 percent of sales with press products are generated in the region, with almost one third of the people working in the industry employed here. This includes freelance and employed journalists as well as the staff in news and press agencies. Networks and associations are also well represented in the region.

For example, the Baden-Württemberg branch of Deutscher Journalistenverband (German Federation of Journalists) has its base in Stuttgart. Verband Südwestdeutscher Zeitungsverleger and Südwestdeutscher Zeitschriftenverleger-Verband e.V. (associations for newspaper and magazine publishers in Germany’s South-West) also have their head offices in Stuttgart.
With its wide range of institutions and employment possibilities and prospects, the press market in the Stuttgart Region provides an attractive offering for all those working in the industry.

On this page you will also find Networks and associations related to the press market.

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