Software and Games

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The software and games industry has gone from being largely ignored some years ago to becoming the largest submarket of Baden-Württemberg’s creative industries.

40% of the companies are located in the Stuttgart administrative district and they employ over a third of the people working in the industry. Of the industry’s total estimated sales of EUR 6.2 billion in Baden-Württemberg, 44% is generated in the Stuttgart administrative district. These are impressive figures for an impressive industry.

Divided into the two subareas of software on the one hand and games (computer games, console games, video games, mobile games, online and advertising games) on the other, the industry covers all software products and their related services, such as development, sales and consulting. For example, the regional software centre Softwarezentrum Böblingen/Sindelfingen e.V. with its nearly 100 companies offers interesting software products and professional IT services and is also one of Europe’s largest industry-based technology centres.

But the games market, too, offers huge potential for the region’s creative industries. This is where games developers, graphic designers, concept artists, music and sound specialists come in. A company called Softscience initiated the first Game Dev Hackathon in Stuttgart as part of this development. At the event, teams with members from IT and creative industries have to design, develop and programme computer games within a 36-hour period.

On this page you will also find Networks and associations related to the software and games industry.

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