Facts and Figures

Alongside automotive and mechanical engineering, the creative industries are the key industries in the Stuttgart Region. With around 10,000 companies and sales of app. EUR 6.6 billion, the Stuttgart Region is clearly in the lead in terms of the industry in Baden-Württemberg. The largest submarket in terms of sales volume is the software and games industry, followed by the market for published products and the advertising industry.

Strengths of the Stuttgart Region:

On the whole, the Stuttgart Region is mainly characterised by its large domestic market with a very high number of industrial customers. In this way it differs from other metropolitan regions like Berlin or Hamburg, and can offer special opportunities for creative industries. Providers of creative services located in the region benefit from their direct proximity to potential clients, and thus have always worked very closely with the region’s traditional key industries such as automotive and mechanical engineering. But the region’s wide range of leisure activities also makes it a very special location. The fact that the creative industries have thrived is also thanks to the significant cultural institutions, theatres, museums, galleries and clubs in the region.

Facts and figures for the Stuttgart Region:

  • Size: 3,654 km²
  • Population: 2.7 million (from 170 countries) spread over 179 towns and municipalities in six administrative districts
  • Population density: 720 inhabitants/km²
  • Gross Domestic Product: EUR 102 billion
  • 56,000 employees in almost 10,000 companies in the creative industries with sales of approximately EUR 6.6 billion
  • One of Europe’s leading business locations, with 1.1 million jobs
  • Central location in the powerful economic hub of Frankfurt-Munich-Zurich
  • Capital city region of the strongest German state in economic terms
  • High level of social stability, culture with a world-class reputation and a high-tech location
  • 68 castles and palaces with just as many Michelin stars

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