Foto: Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH / Martina Wörz

The creative industries are a cornerstone of economic life in the Stuttgart Region. Future-oriented models of work and business, e.g. hybrid work forms, have prevailed in the culture and creative industries from the start.

It is an exceedingly innovative sector, and an important source of genuinely innovative ideas. It mainly produces prototypes, individual works, small scale series and immaterial products. Production and development work is very often project-specific. Almost all companies in the culture and creative industries use modern technologies, especially information and communication technologies. They are not just passive users of technology, but keep providing important impulses for the development of new technological variants for technology producers and developers.With flourishing small and medium-sized companies as customers, a tolerant and open environment, the wide variety of cultural and leisure activities on offer and the high density of training institutes, there are many factors that make the location attractive.

Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation

As the central contact for investors and businesses in Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts, the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation („Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart“ or WRS) supports start-ups as well ...

Creative Industries Unit

The Creative Industries Unit of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation has the task of further optimising the location conditions for the creative industries in the region. Through networking, location ...

Creative Industries

At the core of all cultural and creative activity, there is a creative act. It comprises all the artistic, literary, cultural, musical, architectural or creative content, works, products, productions or services that form the relevant core of the ten core branches.

Facts and Figures

The growth sector of the cultural and creative industries are among the defining industries of the Stuttgart Region, along with the Automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Overall, the Stuttgart Region is characterised by ...