Loud, provocative, imaginative, proven, reserved, memorable or moving is the advertising industry of the Stuttgart Region. Clear boundaries to PR or event agencies, social media consultants and influencer marketers are now difficult to draw, with the result that the number of competitors is increasing and full-service agencies or very specialised offices are gaining in importance.

Today, the old leather factory in Schorndorf is no longer home to tanners but to advertisers. This includes the owner-managed advertising agency JoussenKarliczek. A current project of the 30-strong team is, for example, the Remstal Garden Show, which was held in 2019 by 16 municipalities along the river Rems. The advertising agency Von Helden und Gestalten from Stuttgart colours axes golden and makes them the worldwide key visual for the Timbersports sports lumberjack championships by Stihl.

Every year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Baden-Württemberg delegation meets worldwide trends and outstanding campaigns. 12 representatives from the fields of advertising, communication, visual effects and film production send the Stuttgart Region and the State of Baden-Württemberg to Cannes for an exchange. Those who stay at home benefit from the reports in the BW Lions Report afterwards.

The Marketing-Club Region Stuttgart e.V. is responsible for networking and communication among the professionals. Founded in 1954 and with around 400 members, it is one of the oldest and largest Marketing Clubs in Germany.