Photography and Illustration

For a snapshot of photography in the Stuttgart Region, you need more than just a camera. There are many impressive motifs and those who take impressive photographs of them in the region.

DEU, Böblingen, Schwimmbad, Reichert Schulze Architekten, Fertigstellung:2015 , DIGITAL 100 MB 8 Bit. – ©Zooey Braun

The photographer Reiner Pfisterer has dedicated himself to the subject of „people“ for more than 20 years – on journeys, at concerts or at events, mostly in extraordinary life situations. Of course, automotive photography also plays a major role in the region: Here you can find the Eberhard Sauer Studio in Herrenberg, the Staud Studios in Leonberg. Porsche, uhlsport or the VfB Stuttgart, Studio Orel counts among its customers.

Zooey Braun puts the buildings of numerous architects from the region in perspective. Particularly curious to visit the photographed object once on site are, for example, his photographs of the Black Sea Arena in Shekvetili, Georgia or pictures of the swimming pool in Böblingen. Since 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi has been the new home for works by Bellini or Mondrian. For its French architect, Jean Nouvel, Roland Halbe from Stuttgart is photographing the exciting art museum with its unique ceiling construction.

The Bund Freier Fotografen und Filmgestalter e. V. (Association of Independent Photographers and Film Designers), based in Stuttgart, regularly publishes the BFF Yearbook, which documents not only the latest works of its members, but also the awards and prizes given. Milton Glaser illustrates technical advertising motifs, pictograms or instructions completely digitally for Metabo, Kärcher or ZF Friedrichshafen. Culture, music, urban and above all colourful are the creative handicrafts of Kim Hoss, for example for the Gerber shopping centre or the Westallee city festival.