Founding and Financing

Foto: Bemaßung des Euro-Symbols, nach einem Entwurf von Arthur Eisenmenger aus Eislingen
  • The web portal Startup-Region Stuttgart is an information platform and contact point for events on the topic of start-up as well as a contact point for business angels and investors.
  • The Ministry of Finance and Economics has set up a state-wide start-up campaign, coordinated by the Ifex Initiative for Start-ups and Business Succession.
  • Innovative companies are supported by the University of Stuttgart with the Technology Centre and the possibility of renting air-conditioned office and laboratory space there at low cost. Personal advice as well as detailed information on funding opportunities is available at the HdM Start-Up Center.
  • The association Business Angels Region Stuttgart mediates private investors who would like to invest in innovative young companies with their own capital and with management and leadership experience and their network contacts. Inventio, the implementation network for inventions in the Stuttgart Region, is aimed at freelance inventors, the self-employed, scientists or small companies who need support in the realisation and exploitation of their ideas. Both are initiatives of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation.
  • The Software-Zentrum Böblingen/Sindelfingen offers software companies in a virtual network the opportunity to cooperate with each other and to assert themselves in their markets.
  • An overview of all offers for (creative) founders can be found at the start-up portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology or